• Tamara Lance

The Birth of VirChic!

Hello there! I am Tamara Lance, but you can call me Tamara D! I am a Mother of 2 boys an d 1 girl, a Research Analyst, and an Entrepreneur. As the Founder and CEO of VirChic, I look forward to providing you with the VirChic Experience. I can't wait for us to start our journey together.

VirChic Firm was created after realizing that business executives needed and appreciated my work. After interning in several businesses, my mentors would still keep in touch and ask me to finish projects for them. Fast forward several years later and this was STILL happening. The difference between now and then - I had a family to feed and a desire for more! I thought, “How can I manage their workload and mine, without jeopardizing my sanity and my pockets?” Then it came to me! I can turn this into something more; I can have it all! I decided to launch my career as a Virtual Assistant and what a journey it has been :)

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