How to Start Outsourcing

Are you considering hiring a Virtual Assistant but have no idea where to start? In almost every industry there is an opportunity to outsource at least a few of the common daily tasks performed. In some instances, there may the possibility of outsourcing the majority of those allowing owners to shift their focus elsewhere. In either case, outsourcing can result in a lightened workload as well as an increase in profit.

Evaluate Daily Activities

The first step in preparing to outsource is to take a really close look at the daily activities you perform when tending to your business. Make a list of each of these activities and note any related activities that are typically performed in conjunction with each other. Making this note is important because activities that are typically performed together should either be outsourced together or remain as in-house activities together to maintain the highest level of efficiency.

Once you have compiled this list of activities, carefully consider which activities can easily be performed by another person and which activities require your personal attention. This will give you a good idea of which activities you could outsource and which would cause more if a headache to delegate.

Finally, review your list of activities and note how long it takes you to perform each of the functions. This information will be helpful later when you decide to search for a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager.

Prioritize Daily Activities

After you have carefully examined your daily activities, it is time to prioritize these activities. Create a comprehensive list of all of your daily activities in their order of importance. For this list include both the activities requiring your personal attention and the activities which can be outsourced. Be sure to be realistic.

When you make your decision to bring on a Virtual Assistant, start by delegating the highest priority on the list which you believe can be outsourced. Attempt to outsource this task as a test to determine whether or not hiring a Virtual Assistant will work for you. If you decide you are comfortable with having a Virtual Assistant on your team, you can continue down the prioritized list as delegate those activities as you see fit.

Consider Administrative Tasks

We have already discussed the importance of evaluating your own daily tasks in the process of hiring a Virtual Assistant, so let’s move on to the types of activities to delegate.

Administrative tasks are often tasks that can be outsourced so examining these tasks will give you a good idea if you can increase the efficiency of your administrative assistance by allowing a VA to complete some of their responsibilities.

Activities such as data entry, digital marketing, transcription, calendar & email management, and other activities often handled by personal assistants are all example of activities which can easily be outsourced. Additionally, there is a great deal of qualified VA’s available to fulfill these tasks. The industry of Virtual Assistants has become a booming industry with many savvy entrepreneurs offering their skills in these areas as a consultant.

Develop a Plan for Managing Outsourced Activities

Before starting to outsource your business activities, be sure to develop a plan for managing all of your outsourced activities and the VA’s handling them. This plan should include the following:

· Method for selecting candidates to handle the specified tasks

· Method for overseeing the work performed by the Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager

· Method for evaluating the work performed by Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager

Doing these things can help set the expectations and keep an open line of communication between you, the business owner, and your Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager.

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