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 Virtual Assistance + Productiviy Coaching

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I Help Busy Female Bosses Increase Their Productivity & Boost Business Growth. 

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Learn how you can eliminate tedious routines, without giving up complete control in your business. 

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Virtual Assistanc

This is for the busy female boss who needs some extra hands. She is no longer trying to do everything on her own and wants to create boundaries for herself in her business.



One full day of VirChic all up in your business to put you in a position to receive and gain exponential growth 


Online Business Management

Allow VirChic to be the behind the scenes guru to your entire business operation.

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A-List Community

Join our PRIVATE community, where we discuss the latest business trends, and the wins and struggles of building and working with a team in ones business . 

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VirChic Firm

A firm built to help women entrepreneurs understand they can have it all without doing it all. At VirChic Firm, we are the sugar & cream to your dream team!

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Hi There!

If you're looking for a virtual assistant or business manager with passion, enthusiasm, and deep expertise, you've made it to the right corner of the internet. 


Having worked in the corporate world for roughly 10 years, my business management knowledge is unmatched. As a native to all things tech, client relations, and project management, I create highly strategic and engaging service experiences for each and every one of my clients. It's my goal to ensure they get the A - List treatment they deserve. 


Are you ready for me to help you have it all, without doing it all? Don't wait any longer!  I am the calm to your chaos. 

I'm Tamara D

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On the fence about adding the most critical player to your Dream Team?

Download Your FREE Virtual Assistant Starter Kit!

Learn how you can eliminate tedious routines, without giving up complete control in your business. 

The "I Think I Need A VA Starter Kit"  can really help you shift your mindset about hiring a Virtual Assistant for your business!

It Includes:

♥ Checklist of tasks a Virtual Assistant can do for you 
♥ eBook detailing why you need a virtual assistant on your dream team 
♥ Infographic listing the exact steps to take in hiring a virtual assistant 


You can have it all,

without doin it all.

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