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What form of payments are acceptable and how often will I be billed?

If you plan to utilize VirChic for ongoing support (I hope you will) we can set up your debit or credit card to be automatically billed every month. If you are only requesting service for a short term project, payment will be collected before starting the work.

Can I meet or call my virtual assistant at any time?

Phone calls or virtual meetings are always welcome and often can be the most effective way to get things done. I typically use  Zoom to host a video call for an added personal touch. If you live in the Memphis area and would like to meet in person, I can arrange for that as well.

How will I know what you are working on?

I will be providing weekly status updates so you always know what is in progress and what tasks have been completed. Time tracking reports can also be sent if requested.

What can be done to make sure I get the most of your services?

Prepare your new VA by writing down the tasks you want me to accomplish. If there is a process or program that I must learn, write an outline of the workflow as a reference or schedule a training session. I will take notes and I'm a pretty fast learner, but the more you can do to prepare for onboarding the quicker I will be helping you accomplish your goals.

How are additional VA's selected for VirChic Firm?

Should work have to be outsourced, virtual assistants are interviewed by myself (Founder & CEO) using a very specific selection process. This process analyzes both their character and competence, ensuring that I have the best of the best on my team. I want to ensure my virtual assistants are experienced individuals with ambitious attitudes and positive personalities.

How will my information be kept safe?

All passwords and credit cards shared with me will be stored using Passpack, LastPass, Dashlane, or 1Password. Other confidential information will be protected as if it were my own. Files will be saved in a cloud-based service such as Google Drive so that access can be revoked if needed. I understand that trust is crucial when hiring an assistant, and it’s my commitment to my clients to operate with the utmost care.

What happens if you are sick or on vacation?

I will complete high priority items before taking off. Upon my return, I will complete any additional tasks. There cases when I will subcontract your work to ensure it is completed in a timely manner. If there are immediate needs while I am away, an additional fee will be charged.

How often and how quickly should I expect to hear from you?

All emails and phone calls will be returned in 24 hours at the latest. For immediate attention, please send a message to me in Slack and I will address your concern as soon as possible.

What is the process for getting started with you?

If you decide VirChic is right for you and your business, please schedule a Discovery Call so we can get the ball rolling. Once a Discovery Call has been conducted, you will receive a contract and an invoice; both must be completed before any work can be done. After the invoice is paid and the contract is signed, Onboarding can be completed and we can begin to work together!

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