About VirChic

With VirChic, you will be on your way to increasing your productivity while also developing simple, yet effective systems and processes.....


Stop hustling backwards, sis!

Don't be the business owner who is trying to do all the things and wear all the hats. This is will get nowhere!

VirChic is the Sugar & Cream to your Dream Team!

We're committed to providing busy female bosses the blueprint to unearthing the unseen potential of their business through the power of virtual assistant services and digital products.


By catering specifically to our clients needs we are able to create unique strategies for each them. When working with VirChic, know you are in good hands.

Nothing short of professional services with a personal touch. We love to exceed expectations in working with clients to help them achieve their goals.




"I love working with Tamara because she has a keen understanding of the kind of professional support solopreneurs require to expand and grow their brand. I especially appreciate her patience and grace as she organizes and translates my sometimes "all-over-the-place" ideas and requests into positive results. She has helped me to be more confident about breaking past my comfort zone to boldly communicate who I am and the value of what I offer. Tamara has become an invaluable part of my support team for which I am very grateful. For anyone desiring to take off a few of your "task hats" so that you can create breathing space in your schedule and increase your peace of mind, I highly recommend you contact Tamara today"

Jackie O! Holistic Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

"Tamara has the ability to see the big picture. I witnessed her ability to think critically and creatively while we collaborated on our new system design and implementation task force. Tamara was able to utilize these skills to overcome challenges, objections, and obstacles. She was enthusiastic, actively involved, and due to her contributions, the project finished ahead of schedule and under budget. I would recommend and support Tamara on all fronts and in future endeavors. Any company would be lucky to have such an asset like her.

Kevin - Corporate America 

"If you’re looking for an assistant that is professional, kind-hearted and organized Tamara D at VirChic is your girl. She always over-delivers!"

Kenya Waller - Cosmetologist & Domestic Violence Advocate 

Tamara is a pleasure to work with. She has a wealth of knowledge and is a real asset to the team. She is my first call whenever I have an issue or need assistance, as I know I can count on her for an accurate and timely response. She is one of my favorite people on the team; she’s intelligent, quick witted, and easy to get along with.

Andy - Training Manager 

"I have worked with Tamara and can say that she has impeccable analytical skills and is the subject matter expert on working with applications to get the right data to the right individuals. She is the go-to person for data reporting and systems integrations and she also has a strong voice and presence at the meeting table. Her name is sought after for many projects because she develops and documents her findings with accuracy."

Vetrina - Research Analyst & Zumba Instructor 

Tamara is an exceptional person to work with. She has great attention to detail as well as excellent customer service skills. Tamara is very proactive and makes sure she is delivering quality products. While working with her, I recognized her intelligence and ability to brainstorm to find alternatives to resolving problems. Tamara is always seeking ways of improving processes as well as productivity. She is open to change if needed and values others' feedback. Working with Tamara puts your mind at ease as her professionalism allows one to trust that the job will be completed.

Chris Wallace - Corporate America